The Sunshine Coast Yacht Club is perfectly located on "The Spit" in Mooloolaba close to beaches, shops and restaurants.

The Sunshine Coast enjoys good weather one day, perfect the next!

The natural and cultural surroundings of the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club are well known internationally and acclaimed as a world-class destination for sailing enthusiasts. 


We are located at one of the best locations for a day of sailing in friendly competition. Including people from novice level to expert, and all willing to share their knowledge.

Wednesday sailing (WAMS) is using Main and Headsail only and very relaxed. Sunday sailing (SAMS) combines the Mooloolaba Yacht Club with SCYC. It can get very exciting with use of spinnakers and awesome seeing a line of big yachts with their spinnakers flying! There is Women’s Helm Day, which requires a woman helmsperson steering each boat. Long Ocean Points Scoring day (LOPS), which is an all day sail of about 30 nautical miles of different courses set by the Sailing Committee.

We have other sailing events and sailing opportunities that won’t covered here but we invite you to view the Calendar, to see the events through the year. Check out the Racing Results and Gallery to see the boats that compete and people who sail. In addition to the sailing we often see marine life such as whales, dolphins and turtles.

There are social gatherings in the clubroom throughout the year and after the races while waiting for the race results. Many suspect stories are swapped as a glass of wine or a beer is consumed.

We encourage you to come join us in the fun of sailing. There are many relapsed sailaholics in our club and all unapologetic for their condition. They will certainly try their best to get anyone with an interest in sailing, hooked as well.

Should you still have unanswered questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:





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