Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club

The Sunshine Coast Yacht Club (SCYC) is a friendly community based sailing club, anchored in Mooloolaba on the sun-kissed Sunshine Coast of Queensland. You can find us on the Mooloolaba Marina, where we function as the "Yacht Club on Site".

Perfectly located on "the Spit" of Mooloolaba, the SCYC is close to beaches, shops and restaurants and enjoys good weather one day, perfect the next! The natural and cultural surroundings of the Club are known internationally and acclaimed as a world class destination for sailing enthusiasts. 

The SCYC was formed in September 2006 by an enthusiastic group of Mooloolaba Marina berth owners and local sailors. Our Club today is a testament to the hard work of the founding members. 

The SCYC is a community based boating club, well known for its hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, which fosters and promotes all aspects of boating. We have many skilled and enthusiastic racing sailors and also cater for cruising sailors. All experience levels are welcome, as we are focused on sharing our love of boating with new faces. This is reflected in the mix of fun-sails and regattas in our sailing programme where members and guests can enjoy sharing the experience with like-minded people, before finishing the day with a friendly drink in the company of other local sailing enthusiasts. 

All prospective members are welcome to join us for a great day out on our Sunday and Wednesday club Sail Days. Come and try sailing with the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club on Sundays or Wednesdays at 10:30 to 11:30 by sailing as one of the crew on our members' boats. 

We have a try-sailing introductory special of $30 for three sails.

Crew places are currently available!


Everyone is welcome at our club.

If you are looking to improve your sailing skills, go cruising, crew with other members or simply enjoy the social aspect of the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club, contact us now. 
You'll never know if you don't give it a go. 



2019/2020 Management Committee

Elected at the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club AGM:

Commodore - Harry Brom

Vice- Commodore - Dwight Campbell

Rear- Commodore - Heinz Seeberg

Treasurer - Mark Holzberger

Secretary - Gary Want

Director (Membership and Social) - Del Morrison

Director (Webmaster) - Dwight Campbell 

Join Us and Come Sailing!

Phone: 0438 979 946

Email: sunshinecoastyachtclub@outlook.com