Award Presentation and Christmas Party

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Good afternoon SCYC members,
As you are aware we held our annual presentation night and Christmas party on Friday night.

The night was a huge success, with around 35 people attending. Our thanks go to the volunteers that put the night together and kept everyone entertained.

I asked our past Commodore, Ian Brownhill, to make the presentation of trophies as they effectively related to racing that was undertaken during the time Ian was Commodore.

Due to a few boat owners changing boats during the course of the various series we had some very interesting results. Included below is a list of the trophies presented to the winners off the various series during the 2017/18 season:

  • Overall Club Champion:                           Keith Baker / Sundance V

  • SCYC Skipper of the Year:                       Craig Ferguson

  • SCYC Crew Member of the Year:             Greg Pullen

  • SCYC Lady Skippers Series:                    Sheryl Hinds / Jade Ros

  • SCYC LOPS Series:                                 Keith Baker / Sundance V

  • SCYC SAMS Overall: 1st Place               Keith Baker / Sundance V

                                             2nd Place             Craig Ferguson / Infraction

                                             3rd Place              Vaughn Stephens / Novocaine

  • SCYC SAMS Spring Series:                     Keith Baker / Sundance V

  • SCYC SAMS Summer Series:                  Craig Ferguson / Infraction

  • SCYC SAMS Winter Series:                     Keith Baker / Sundance V

  • SCYC WAMS Overall: 1st Place              Ian Brownhill / Jade Rose

                                              2nd Place            Craig Ferguson / Sofala

                                              3rd Place             Craig Ferguson / Infraction

  • SCYC WAMS Spring Series:                   Ian Brownhill / Jade Rose

  • SCYC WAMS Summer Series:                Harry Smith / Mustang

  • SCYC WAMS Winter Series:                   Harry Smith / Corum

My congratulations go to each of the trophy recipients and the crew that supported the boat owners/skippers. Obviously, without crew the skippers can't sail and without skippers the crew have nowhere to sail.

Our previous Commodore, Ian Brownhill, also provided the audience with an insight into the achievements of our very own club member, Del Morrison. Del was the recipient of our club's "Crew of the Year" award last year for good reason and she has continued to expand her skills during the last 12 months.

Del is very adaptable to crewing on different boats in many crew positions, her specialty being halyard management. Del's skills include being able to assess sail trim/shape and overall pit/cockpit management and planning for the next manoeuvre. This past year she has crewed on, amongst others, Liquidator, Infraction and Corum.

In June this year, Del competed in the "Australian Women’s Keelboat Championships" in Melbourne on a "S80". The boat Del was competing on achieved 3rd place!

Earlier this month, Del competed in the "Womens Sail Regatta" in Newcastle on a "Force 24", which her boat won with 5 firsts and one 2nd which became the dropped race so a perfect score of 5 wins!

Our congratulations go to Del for these fine achievements and we look forward to seeing what lies ahead for this talented club member.

The night also included some typical Capt'n Crackles fun and antics (which were also referred to as the "Idiots Awards"). As usual Capt'n Crackles had picked out a few moments that occurred during the year, described the moments in some detail to the audience and then presented a bottle of Phillip Shaw "the Idiot" red wine to the recipients. Harry Smith and your Commodore were the worthy recipients of the awards of the two awards this year. If you weren't at the function you will have to get Capt'n Crackles to fill you in......I'm too embarassed to tell you here.

I would also like to re-state a special mention that was made by Ian Brownhill about the exploits of Lincoln Dews. Lincoln was recently crowned the inaugural Paddle League World Champion and he has set his sights on the Red Bull Heavy Water race in San Francisco. Congratulations Lincoln and good luck in San Francisco.

I'm sure we are all looking forward to continuing our sailing and I am particularly looking forward to helping our club grow with your support.

As your Commodore, I wish each and every club member, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Harry Blom

SCYC Commodore

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Harry Blom (Commodore) and Greg Gilliam (Sailing Committee)

Harry Blom (Commodore) and Greg Gilliam (Sailing Committee)

Sunshine Coast Yacht Club